Jump-start your healthier eating with confidence and no further delay.

There is no need to feel stuck or anxious about what to make for yourself or your family to eat, especially when you want it to be healthy yet delicious. I will help you organize your kitchen and update your current recipes so you feel confident that the meals you put together meet your and your family’s nutritional needs and leave everyone satisfied and happy.

Food plays a crucial role in how you feel and operate. It affects your energy levels, quality of sleep, mood, ability to focus, etc. Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body rather than feeding a disease. Making even small changes in your diet will allow you to simply feel better and happier.

I am a nutritionist and I am also a Mom. Any changes that I recommend take into account the everyday challenges, whether it’s time, budget, level of desire to cook, and your personal goals. I will share my tricks that I use with my own family to feed them better food while staying sane myself.

VIP Day is a perfect gift to yourself, your friend or a loved one.

You can expect to:

1. Receive recommendations on how to make your current meals and snacks even healthier. As the field of nutrition evolves, this session is focused on bringing your family favourites up to date.

2. Use my Pantry, fridge and freezer checklist along with my Healthy convenience foods guide to make sure you always have nutritious options on hand. Both handouts are valuable tools to use when lack of time or lack of certainty stand in your way to healthier family eating.

3. Prepare delicious meals that can be a spin on your family favourites to ensure the most nutrients possible. I will explain what foods work synergistically to increase the amount of available nutrients and different cooking and preparation methods that can unlock healing powers of certain foods while reducing potential negative effects of others.

4. Discuss how meal planning can ensure that your family members are getting sufficient amounts of all macronutrients but also alleviate any possible anxiety around what to make. By taking a few minutes of your time, you will also lower your food waste and turn leftovers into a whole new healthy meal.

5. Spend time with a nutritionist who can help you address any potential health issue that you or your family members can be dealing with though natural foods. By addressing the root cause, you can gently assist the body in healing.

Program length:

1 phone consultation (45 minutes)
1 get-together (5 hours)



Included in cost:
  • 1 get together (5 hours)
  • 1 phone consultation prior to the VIP Day (45 minutes)
  • outline of our get-together, handouts and recipes

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