Healthy Lunchbox = Happy Child

This workshop will help you tackle school lunchboxes in a whole new and healthy way. I’ve combined my experience as a nutritionist and a Mom to put together valuable information on how to create a nutritious lunchbox while staying sane.

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Picky Eating,
what you need to know about it and clever ways to deal with it 

Dealing with picky eating is one of the most challenging parts of parenthood. If you have a picky eater at home, you understand just how worrying and frustrating it can be.

Since picky eating is a common issue with many of my clients, I have decided to put together a workshop to alleviate some of the stress around it and show you some clever strategies on how to deal with it.

Even if your children generally eat well, you’ll learn some new ways to pack even more nutrition into their daily diets. I’ll share tips that you can use to help your children expand their food horizons and develop healthy relationships with food.

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Grocery Store Tour 

As a part of this grocery store tour, I will show you the exact products that I buy for my family to make healthy meals every week. There are many new products in the grocery stores these days, and it can be overwhelming. I will help you to identify which products deliver their promise of health and which ones are better to pass on.

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How to Feed Kids Playing Sports

If you are a parent who runs from an arena to a soccer field, from a gym to a dance studio then you must have active kids. My new workshop was designed for you.

I will provide information on what foods are the best ones for your growing and active children. I will also share tips on how to get organized so you always have a healthy snack or meal option on hand, including recommendations for healthier convenience foods.

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